Prime Time International


Prime Time International, Coachella California
Prime Time has created an impressive agricultural infrastructure to supply premium colored peppers 365 days a year.

Known as The Pepper People, we are dedicated to embracing the technological advances in production techniques by employing top agronomists to cultivate the perfect plants, produced in the best growing areas, utilizing GPS and drip irrigation, and building state-of-the-art packing facilities to ensure delivery of the safest and best-tasting produce in the marketplace.

Based in Southern California’s Coachella Valley, we are the largest year-round grower, packer and shipper of multi-colored peppers in the United States.

Prime Time’s sales mix consists of open-field and hot house grown peppers.

On a seasonal basis, other items produced with the same stringent guidelines include tomatoes, watermelons, green beans and corn. Additionally, we are proud to be partners in various projects with industry stalwarts like Anthony Vineyards and Ocean Mist.

A diverse distribution network supplies Prime Time produce throughout North America.


Available at the Following Retailers

Ahold Albertsons Costco C & S Wholesale Grociers Kroger Loblaw Markon Safeway Shop Rite Wholefoods

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