Prime Time International


Prime Time Executive Staff

A Labor of Love for More than Twenty Years

Prime Time is a twenty year old company and has assembled a talented group of production and sales professionals.

The roots of Prime Time International date back to 1987, when Sun and Sands Enterprises was formed to produce only the highest quality vegetables. By combining the many years of experience with the technological advances of the time, the company instantly became a preferred supplier to discerning wholesale and retail buyers.

In 1992, Sun and Sands formed a partnership with C.H. Sales to act as
their exclusive sales agent and as the distributor of their wide array of
fresh products. The Prime Time brand was soon introduced and, in time, has become recognized as one that does things the right way and responds quickly to the ever-changing demands of its customers.

In 1997, the two companies merged under the name of Prime Time International and the company began the quest to specialize in the growing and marketing of a booming new category - colored peppers - available in green, yellow, orange and red, with availability 365
days a year.

By developing strategic partnerships throughout California and Mexico, Prime Time is now recognized as the leader in the growing and marketing of peppers grown in various environment forms of Hot Houses in addition to the traditional field-grown varieties. Sweet colored peppers, available every day of the year, is the cornerstone of Prime Time’s farming and sales operations. Currently hot house tomatoes grown in Mexico complement the product mix, as well as seasonal field grown products such as watermelon, sweet corn, and green beans - produced during the Spring and Fall in California’s Coachella Valley.

With a focus on the strictest standards, the farming, harvesting, and packing facilities are now recognized as best-in-class, consistently delivering the highest quality and safest products available. No matter where the products are grown and packed, the Prime Time personnel remains the same, the standards are always consistent, and the attention to detail is unmatched.

Shown below are the Managing Members of Prime Time International. With their many years of experience in the business, and their eyes firmly focused on the future, this leadership team is intent on continuing their rich legacy of innovation, consistency and reliability in the fresh produce business.