Prime Time International



Our Corporate Story

Today, Prime Time is the largest pepper shipper in North America.

Sustainable Growing for the Future

Healthy People and a Healthy Planet. At Prime Time, we are committed to sustaining and preserving both.

Food Safety for Fruits and Vegetables

Prime Time’s Mike Aiton, Director of Marketing, talks with local CBS TV station about the importance of food safety.

National Philanthropy Day

Change the world with a giving heart, Prime Time is commended for exemplary philanthropy efforts within the community.

Festival of Lights

Prime Time enters the Festival of Lights as way to say thanks to the community.

As Seen on

Shop talk with Mike Aiton of Prime Time..."Whenever you need peppers, we've got them."

AgDay Packer TV Reports

Watermelons harvested, packed and distributed in time for Memorial Day Weekend.

AgDay Packer TV Reports

June marks the peak of the bell pepper harvest season in Southern California.

Save California Farms

The Imperial County Farm Bureau highlights how California agriculture is at risk because of laws and regulations.