Prime Time International


Being known as The Pepper People is not something Prime Time takes lightly. Dedicated to exceeding customer expectations, Prime Time reassures that the marketplace will receive only the highest quality produce 365 days a year, grown and packed under strict food safety standards.

Peppers are actually fruits, which form on the plant after they flower. If green peppers are left on the vine long enough, they will mature and turn from green to red, yellow, orange or other colors - depending on their specific cultivar.

Green Bell PepperConventional Peppers

Although the majority of farming operations fall into this category, conventional agriculture is difficult to define because its scope is so broad and varied. For each crop grown, farming practices have been adapted to contraints imposed by various soil types and environmental issues. Most conventional farm operations, including Prime Time, includes the use of some synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

Red Bell PepperOrganic Peppers

Prime Time has a limited supply of oraganically grown produce. Organic food is produced by farmers who emphasize use of renewable natural resources. Organic food is produced without using synthetic ingredients, bioengineering, or iomizing radiation. Before a product can be labeled organic, a government-approved inspector examines the farm where food is grown to make sure their growing practices meet USDA organic standards. The USDA makes no claims that organically produced food is safer or more nutritious than conventionally produced food.

Yellow Bell PepperHothouse Peppers

With the increased demand for consistent quality hothouse peppers, Prime Time entered into the challenge of growing hothouse colored peppers. Our hothouse red, yellow and orange peppers are characterized with consistently superb quality, appearance, superior taste and thick walls. Prime Time produces its hothouse peppers in the California desert area as well as in three  locations in other locations in Mexico: Baja California, Sinaloa and Jalisco.


35-lb. 1 bushel cartons
30-lb. cartons/crates
28-lb. bushel, 1 1/9-bushel cartons/crates
28-lb. 3.56-dekaliter cartons
11-lb. flat cartons

Common PLUs

4680 - Yellow
4681 - Green, small (medium & smaller)
4065 - Green, large (large & larger)
4682 - Orange
4088 - Red
3119 - Hot House, Green, Small
3120 - Hot House, Green, large
3121 - Hot House, Orange


Temperature: 45 to 50 F, 7.2 to 10 C
Relative Humidity: 85%-90%
Mist: Lightly
Typical Shelf Life: 8-10 days
Ethylene Sensitive
Odor Producer
Highly Sensitive to freezing injury
Susceptible to chilling injury