Prime Time International


This process is closely monitored to aid shelf life and freshness.

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Red Bell Pepper

Multi-Colored Peppers

Immediately following packing, peppers are cooled using forced humid, cooled air to remove the field heat and bring their temperature down to 55°F. They are stored and shipped maintaining this temperature.

Green BeansGreen Beans

Green bean cartons are forced-air cooled to remove field heat in order to maintain freshness and extend shelf life. Green beans are stored and shipped at 45°F.

Sweet CornSweet Corn

Each box of corn is injected with liquid ice to ensure freshness and extend shelf life. Corn is shipped at 35°F.

Vine Ripe Tomato

Vine Ripe / Grape Tomatoes

Store tomatoes at 55°F. Storing tomatoes below 55°F may cause chill damage and will decrease the flavor.