Prime Time International


Since the flavor and appearance of peppers have captured the taste buds of consumers and demand has skyrocketed, the industry has increased its awareness of the importance of quality assurance at all stages of development, from seed to packaging to the dinner table.


By operating a Good Agricultural Practices program (GAP), Prime Time provides retailers a product that is natural, clean and safe; something they can be proud to pass on to their customers. For example, the practice of utilizing complex shed packing versus traditional field packing was initiated to provide consumers with the finest peppers available.

Prime Time operates five state-of-the-art facilities and has instituted a comprehensive quality control program in which product encounters numerous checkpoints and a safe cleaning process that enhances the product’s natural beauty.

It’s a difference that shows in the end result: Vibrant color and longer shelf life - effects that both retailers and produce department customers are sure to appreciate.