Prime Time International


As technology has evolved, retailers continue to look for ways to make sure that the sale of fresh produce items is accurately recorded at the checkstand. This takes place either by Price Look Up (PLU) numbers, or by the scan bars located on virtually every item sold. The GS1 number combines these two technologies to accurately keep track of, and to properly record sales. The expanded scan bars will enable the retailer to monitor sales, record shrink, and expand the selection of products available. It is estimated than only a quarter of the registers in use today are capable of reading the GS1 sticker, however once again Prime Time is a leader in this newest application of information processing.

Common PLUs

4680 - Yellow
4682 - Orange
4088 - Red

4065 - Green, large (large & larger)
4681 - Green, small (medium & smaller)

3119 - Hot House, Green, small
3120 - Hot House, Green, large
3121 - Hot House, Orange