Cheese & Chive Prime Time Bell Pepper Rolls


  • 6-8 Prime Time Bell Peppers, any color, sliced into 1 inch strips
  • 5.2 oz box Boursin Shallot & Chive Gournay Cheese
  • 5.2 oz box Boursin Garlic & Fine Herb Gournay Cheese
  • 1 bunch fresh chives, whole
  • 1 bunch fresh chives, chopped


  • Divide the chopped chives into thirds. Mix 1/3 with the Shallot & Chive cheese. Separately, mix 1/3 with the Garlic & Fine Herb cheese. Reserve the last third for garnish.
  • Roll the Prime Time Bell Pepper slices into a ring and tie with a whole chive. Repeat until all the strips are used.
  • Stuff the cheese mixture into the ring, making some of the rolls Shallot & Chive and some Garlic and Fine Herb. 
  • Garnish with remaining chopped chives.
  • Refrigerate for 30 minutes prior to serving.
  • (Alternately, you can use cottage cheese or a mixture of crumbled feta and cream cheese as a filler in place of the Boursin)